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Web team's blog: 'A real-life golden horse'

Article - Horse and Country 24th March 2014

Not many horses have nearly half a million Facebook fans - but this one does.

Pearl of Peace, who turned two this week, is a gold Andalusian bred by Christine Kershaw from Hertfordshire. His stable name is Oro, which means gold in Spanish.

He was specially-bred for his unique golden colouring, and he is thought to be the first horse in Britain to be this colour. Not only does he have a stunning sheen on his coat, his eyes are also a very unusual hazel.

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Golden horse is mane attraction

Article - Sunday Times 17th November 2015

AMONG the horses at a small stable yard in Hertfordshire, one stands out: it is the colour of gold.

Pearl of Peace, born in March last year, is the only gold Andalusian colt in Britain, thanks to a genetic quirk which has given it two copies of the “pearl” colour gene. There are believed to be only 20 to 30 such horses on the register of the breed in Spain. The horse, known informally as Oro, has become an internet star with almost 200,000 fans of his Facebook page.

Christine Kershaw, 57, the owner, works as a mediator in the shipping industry and has been involved in helping to free hostages from Somali pirates. She has only been breeding horses for four years.

“I was absolutely overjoyed when Pearl of Peace was born,” she said.

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The bullion stallion: 'Pearl of Peace' becomes an internet star thanks to rare gene that gives him a GOLDEN mane

Article - Daily Mail 17th November 2015
  • Now 18-months-old Pearl of Peace is a remarkable example of his extremely rare breed - made even more so by the fact he was born with green eyes
  • And he has become an internet sensation with almost 200,000 fans of his Facebook page where his owner posts pictures of him


A small stable year in rural Hertfordshire is not necessarily the place where you might expect to find gold.

But that is exactly what happened when Britain's only gold Andalusian colt was born there last spring.

Now 18-months-old Pearl of Peace is a remarkable example of his extremely rare breed - made even more so by the fact that he was born with green eyes.

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Rare horse is bred in St Albans

Article - The Herts Advertiser 28th November 2013

Having cast pearls of wisdom to help negotiate the release of crews held captive by Somali pirates, a St Albans woman has unexpectedly cultured a rare pearl, in the form of a horse.

Shipping lawyer Christine Kershaw, who lives on the fringes of St Albans, specialises in mediating for the release of those held hostage by pirates.

When she wants to take time out from her hectic job, she relaxes with her horse-breeding hobby.

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Pearl of Peace stars in Horse Magazine

Following recent coverage in various equestrian titles Pearl of Peace recently had a starring role in Horse Magazine with a three page article running in the March issue dedicated to Pearl of Peace and the rare double pearl gene.

Pearl of Peace’s owner Christine Kershaw, spoke to editor Jo Brown to explain why she first fell in love with the Andalusian breed and how proud and lucky she is to have bred the UK’s first gold horse.