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Golden horse is mane attraction

Article - Sunday Times 17th November 2015

AMONG the horses at a small stable yard in Hertfordshire, one stands out: it is the colour of gold.

Pearl of Peace, born in March last year, is the only gold Andalusian colt in Britain, thanks to a genetic quirk which has given it two copies of the “pearl” colour gene. There are believed to be only 20 to 30 such horses on the register of the breed in Spain. The horse, known informally as Oro, has become an internet star with almost 200,000 fans of his Facebook page.

Christine Kershaw, 57, the owner, works as a mediator in the shipping industry and has been involved in helping to free hostages from Somali pirates. She has only been breeding horses for four years.

“I was absolutely overjoyed when Pearl of Peace was born,” she said.

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